Energy efficient homes

We believe in an eco-friendly environment and so do everyone. In this modern world, new homes are becoming smart and energy-efficient. Energy-efficient home means better insulation, airtight construction, high-performance windows, Energy Star equipment, and appliances.

We take pride in building an energy efficient home for you. Although most of our projects already include major upgrades for energy efficiency in accordance to new building codes, there are still some upgrades that we offer so that you are a step ahead promoting cleaner environment. 


It’s got a great EnerGuide rating which means it’s well insulated and airtight, with high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment that helps keep utility bills low. It’s outfitted with low-flow plumbing accessories to lower water consumption and water-heating costs. The people living in this home use electricity wisely. It can be even more effective when you have solar panels installed to the full capacity of the home. This will result in less or no electricity bills.

Health and comfort

These homes are usually warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The home has great ventilation and excellent air quality; it’s never too humid or dry. People can manage to heat and cool home with smart Wi-Fi programmable thermostats even when they are away from home.

Extra value

This home’s fixtures and upgrades show a commitment to energy efficiency that adds resale value. High performance windows, and high-efficiency led lighting and appliances not only save money and energy, they also add resale value. And investments in renewable energy like solar panels can pay off for years to come.

Environment friendly

The collective performance of equipment, features and other elements helps reduce energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and shrink’s the carbon footprint of your home.

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